Let me school ya!

25 10 2007

It’s a shame that we men are so blinded by da desires of the dikk that all we can see in a woman is the pleasure that we can rob from her. That pleasure is the offering that a well treated woman gives to a man for a righteous job well done. If a woman is treated correctly without any hidden agendas or secret motivations she just can’t help herself from giving to the man what he has so rightfully earned! But some want the desert yet don’t want to work to bring home the ingredients to make the meal….In actuality, over time the strength of the man diminishes and the youthful beauty of the woman may fade. But if the union has been cultivated properly over time, he still sees in her the most beautiful woman in the world and even though he might not possess the strength, and sexual swagger  and agility that he had in his peak, she still feels safe by his side as if he can tackle an army! This is the beauty of true love.  When you have that special someone in your life, you don’t fear old age! You don’t fear what most call death! Love transcends death. Finding and keeping a good woman is like keeping  a garden, but let me say this: there are no bad women out there……just women who have been cultivated badly and not put in the right environment for maximum growth…therefore, it may appear they have an attitude. It’s not an attitude, it’s just an emotional scar (Or scab) from the wounds inflicted. It’s that simple! But if many men knew how to cultivate that hidden seed….that hidden life germ within the woman called love….feeding it, nurturing it, caring for it and bringing out it’s beauty in full, they would benefit by having heaven on earth! Bring the food home man! You wouldn’t have any problem getting it cooked! Pay the bills on time and in full! You wouldn’t ever have to be nagged. Keep your mind on your own woman and your thoughts on her alone! Let her know that you belong to her! Let her know that the dikk between your legs is no more yours than it is hers! Open your heart first and show some sensitivity and maybe you would get the same in return! To get a fantasy you have to BE a fantasy! Love her as she is and stop comparing her to these damn airbrushed touched up images in the magazines and on the television set….would you like to be held to a standard that really doesn’t exist? And if you hold her to the standard then hold yourself up to it too!
You want her to greet you at the door smelling good with the dinner already laid out on the table with the sound of the bath water being drawn with candles burning? Then be the first to do it for her! She might not know this is how you want it, so bring her awareness up to a standard that she will quickly reciprocate with. Treat her like she tastes so sweet, because she does! Her nectar shouldn’t EVER see the light of day if you know what you are doing. Make it all about her in the bedroom the majority of the time. It doesn’t have to be about “tit for tat” every time…..and you know what I am talking about! Let her have hers without having to cater to you and let her know that! Do HER and let her drift of to a blissful, satisfied slumber! Massage her. Talk to her. Make her laugh. Make her think. Explore her every inch. Free up her tensions and release them from her without having to move a muscle. You will NEVER experience the righteous freak that she could be in the bedroom because you refuse to honor the lady that she IS in the trenches of everyday life! You are too dumb to see that you have it all there at home with her but don’t do the right things to bring out the Heaven that she possesses within! So you waste the energy that SHE should be getting by running around with the stray homewreckers that couldn’t care less about you ’cause in reality you are interchangeble (Because they lay with many fools!) while your woman wants to think the world of you.
Go back home and devour your woman’s every nerve ending skillfully and patiently with your lips, tongue and mouth and let her know from ACTION that you will not ever leave one stone left unturned! Tossin salad? Yeah. I said it! THAT’S MANDATORY EVERYDAY if she so desires! Give it to her! Ain’t it such a good feeling to give? Never let her leave the house without a Heartgasm, a Mindgasm and an Orgasm. Love her down till her eyes roll back and her toes curl up!

Just a taste of insight from the Rarebreed Handbook


Modern Technology

9 10 2007

 I kinda think that technology (internet, cell phone, emails, text msgs, IM’s) has truly taken away the beauty of dating…thus not letting you all really get to know the knigga who you are dealing with. I believe it has critically wounded communication all together. Especially those in  long distance relationships…what ever happened to a good ole letter to let a person know how you feel about them? What happened to a conversation on the phone????. Now’adays, we’ll just text or email a person in a heartbeat, thus just rambling on about any ol’ thing that comes to our mind. Back in the day mu’fukkas had to put some sorta effort into dating a chick or being a girl’s boyfriend. I feel sorry for tha cats coming up nowadays because they really dont know how to communicate with women. They do so much texting, and emailing that having true communication is out the window. I am teaching my son how to be smooth. I am teaching him how to talk to girls. He picks the phone up so quick to send text messages instead of picking up the phone and placing a call and having a real conversation with a girl.

I remember staying on the phone talking for hours to chics about everything but really about nothing. Those were the good ole days.
My question to you??..do you think that technology has made dating/relationships to easy or am I just talking shit??

Ma lil Mamma trying to bust up out!

3 10 2007

Lil Mamma it aint cha time, you gotta stay put til it’s ya time to shine!

 Chocolate girl or Chokkklit girl (as yall call her) gave us a scare when she went into early labor early Sunday Morning. Ma lil mamma (it’s confirmed it’s a girl) is trying to bust up out tha womb 90 days early! Delois, (my momma) said she was going to be a fast lil heffa. She just trying to come on out and see her daddy.

Chok went for her Dr’s appointment on Friday like she normally does and was told she was already in labor WTF??? how is that possible?? We were told to go to the hospital immediately and so we did. She was hooked up to all these machines to monitor momma and baby and they were able to stop the labor. Chok has been placed on strict bed-rest and is doing just fine.  She should be able to leave the hospital if all is fine either Wednesday or Thursday. She is miserable because this means she will be at home off her feet until baby comes!!!  No more work! {{{{{{{evil laugh}}}}}}}

that was just an update for ya!



I remember

27 09 2007

I Remember..

..walkin backwards to the bus stop to keep the cold winter wind from ripping my face off

..when gas used to be 78 cent at Clark

..when the late Harold Washington was the mayor..(I am one of those people who believed white folks poisoned him)

..when all you saw riding down the Dan Ryan Expressway was project hi rises (refer to the opening credits on Good Times)

..my grandmother being the sweetest woman Ive ever interacted with.. Sarah Singleton (1922-1996)

..gettin beat with a high heel shoe

..when the Chicago Bulls ran the 1990`s

..being mistaken for rival gang members

..every gang handshake

..my hormones raging watching girls jump double dutch when i was an 8th grader
..going skating at The Rink, Rainbo, The Route, and clubbin at E2 and the Prop House (not on Friday nights if you know what i mean)

..Free Lunch

..just about every street from Lake Shore Drive to Harlem Ave.

..breakdancin at The Point

..When Psychodrama, Twista and Do or Die`s albums dropped

..how to get downtown from the southside in less than an 15 minutes during rush hour

..slapboxin with a slow M`er F`er, who would eventually get mad and throw a punch (Jamal you a punkazznicca for that)

..gettin jumped by 6 people (Yall was some pussassniccasfor that)

..when Shawn threatened that he was gonna throw a brick through my window and I beat his ass again for that

..when Shawn beat me up in front of the twins that live across the street from me

..when Mr. Jackson gave me (his best student) an F in Afro American History (how do you as a black man in a mixed school fail one of your black students), and I would say kiss my ass but I didnt need that class to graduate or gain more knowledge about my heritage, so instead I thank you.

..the last year of high school, all the people who made my life worth living through all the hard times of growing up, my true friends, enemies I had that became my homies, and all the ladies that i didnt have a chance to sleep with(which would be all of them).


..Finally leaving Chicago to become a MAN.

…I remember having more money than I ever dreamed but being lonely and not trusting nobody in this world but me.

I remember the first time I became a father and how I felt I would melt every time I looked at my daughter’s face.

I remember the first time I laid eyes on my soulmate. I got a weak feeling in my stomach and my knees buckled. She was fine as hell and when she opened her mouth and spoke with such elegance, I knew she would be my wife one day.

I remember the look on my sweetheart’s face when she found out I wasnt the man she thought I was. The dissapointment in her eyes made me want to kick myself’s ass.

I remember her words of how she would always hold me down and that she was a rider for life.


About this black man

27 09 2007


..am 33 years old. Just had a birthday Monday

..was born and raised in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn NY til the age of 13

..we moved to Chicago, IL @age 13

..am a Sprint User
..aint with that gay shiit (scuse my lingo) or that TransSexual Shiit
..got bullied as a youth, but learned how to kick muthafukkas asses and shoot to kill @ age 12.
..am tired of some of yall callin pop “soda”
…. had sex for the first time at age 10
..am sick of these dumb reality shows
..can fit the ones in the gold wrapper
..am trying to reach a level of fitness where I’ll never have to wear a shirt again
..sleep more at work than I sleep at home
..can consume heavy amounts of Hennesey at the club and keep my composure
..dont scare easily, and if I see you jump at a scary movie Im gonna clown you
..actually had sex on a beach (it aint all that) but because it was an experience I shared with my wife, I will neva forget it.
..look in the toilet after I use it
..smell good at bedtime cuz I gotta wife that will go there at any given moment!
..LOVE MY MOMMA!!!! (with her ghetto self)
..speak to this guy named “Self” from time to time, he is actually a good person to talk to
..wish porn stars knew how to act
…wanna slap the shyit outta R. Kelly and Michael Jackson (leave our little boys and girls alone)
..will continue to listen to their music tho
..Didnt Vote, very proud of it too, still grateful that I as a black man am able to decide which jackazz I want to run this country
… am sooooo old school, chill with me on Sundays youll see.
..have a mental twin.. Shouts to my lovely wife Chokkklitsoul

…..Have 4 daughters and 1 son and a baby on tha way…not sure cuz the Doctor is buggin!

….I recently married the sexiest woman on earth Ma Chokkklitgirl..she is smart as hell, and will hold you down like a sumo wrestler! This woman is like no other woman in the world.

She is the reason I walked away from the dope poppin, women chasin, and a life of crime. I owe her my life outside of GOD. Yes I know him…just cause I have done some fowl shit dont mean I dont.

that’s all for now.